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Buying in bulk available to pet owners to help the planet and their pocketbooks

Petco and Canidae partner on Kibble Refill Stations
Posted at 10:04 PM, Apr 06, 2022
and last updated 2022-04-07 01:04:22-04

KGTV — (KGTV) — As prices are rising on almost everything we buy from cars, furniture, food, and gas, a new report reveals the cost of owning a pet is also going up.

Rover's true cost of pet parenthood report found in California 7 out of 10 pet owners has noticed an increase in pet-related costs due to inflation.

San Diego-based Petco launched a pilot program in southern California with the pet food company Canidae, that it says can save money and the environment.

In our Making It In San Diego series, we look at this new option for dog food...buying in bulk.

Andrew White likes the idea.

He brought his dog Oliver and his parent's dog Amore to the Mira Mesa Petco/Canidae kibble refill station, for two reasons.

White liked the idea of helping the planet, and if it helps his pocketbook too, he says that's great.

His family owns the men’s clothing store, the Ascot shop in La Jolla.

The third-generation owner weathered the pandemic with Oliver by his side every day.

Canidae says pet owners can expect to save up to 45 percent per pound, as opposed to the price generally associated with environmentally friendly pet foods.

The company says 4-pounds from a kibble station would save a pet owner more than 9 dollars per bag of the same weight.

Jennifer Clifford loves the idea that her dog Theo has his own reusable bag.

The Pet Sustainability Coalition estimates 300 million pounds of plastic pet food and treat bags go to landfills in the US each year.

Canidae says the tear pad next to the receipt printer has the food's lot number and traces the expiration date. The information is replaced and archived with every refill...and the machine is cleaned.

In the rover survey of over 1000 dog owners. The average monthly cost of owning a dog ranges between $40 and $290 dollars.

The costs vary depending on where you live, lifestyle and dog breed, but if you factor in vet visits, and pet supplies it could range from $480 dollars to almost thirty-five hundred dollars a year.

San Diego was part of Petco’s pilot launch. Canidae and Petco expect to expand to 100 Petco stores in 2022.