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As Hair Salons Suffered During Pandemic, She Took a Leap of Faith

Opening Salon 3609 on savings and a small COVID loan
Hair Salons May Not Be Using Blow-Dryers When They Reopen
Posted at 6:57 PM, Feb 14, 2022

OCEANSIDE, Calif. (KGTV) — Chloe Lise has reason to be proud. Two years ago her career as a hair stylist came to a crashing halt because of the pandemic.

The state shut down salons and she had no income coming in.

She had nothing but time. Time she decided to spend planning her future on her own terms.

She set about converting a detached garage on her North County property into a special space she now calls Salon 3609.

Lise had to get the paperwork in order and pass requirements for electrical, water, outdoor access, lighting and numerous COVID regulations, but in the end it was an incredible transformation.

Both she and her clients enjoy the peaceful atmosphere, complete with artwork, and bubbly served in vintage glassware.

She posts her clients hair on Instagram and now she's booking out several months in advance.

Salon 3609 took some of her savings, as well as a small business loan but she's never regretted the investment in her future.

Lise isn't alone. Nearly 5,500 San Diegans applied for a new business license in 2020.