Local photographer delivering food to migrant caravan

Posted at 11:21 PM, Apr 30, 2018
and last updated 2018-05-01 11:54:35-04

(KGTV) -- A local photographer got an inside look at conditions in the migrant camps across the border. But Abram Barron made the journey to do something more valuable than photography. He went to deliver food to the migrants.   

Abram Barron says it all started with his street photography. While taking photos of the homeless, he realized he wanted to start a movement to help them.

Then he heard stories about the hundreds of migrants in limbo right now, without a country.


"In Mexico, they're immigrants too because they're not Mexican," he said. "It really just touched me, and I leaned over to my wife, and I said, 'I've got to go down there.'"

Armed with 100 burgers from McDonalds and supplies from a Mexican market, Barron crossed the border early Monday morning. 

"On the way, my friend Victor Lopez who owns El Pollo Grill, called me and said 'I want to donate five whole chickens,'" Barron said. "So I'm like this is very cool, I didn't expect that."

But Barron's excitement quickly turned to sadness.

"We were just excited to go down there, no expectations, and you take the long walk down afterward, and you get down there, and then my heart just dropped," Barron said. "To see them corralled like horses in this little area...and then they're on pavement. You could tell they were in need."

Camera in hand, he began to document it all.  

"There are people making sure they don't get in and out, there are cameras everywhere," he told 10News. "No human should be on the ground, living, with like nothing, and begging for food."

Barron says their eyes lit up when he brought out the food.
"They were so excited, and the hamburgers were McDonald's, so the minute they saw McDonald's, they were like 'Oh my God, McDonald's!'"

Barron says his mission is about putting politics aside. He crossed the border as a fellow human who recognized they were in need. 

"(It) puts some perspective, you know?" He said. "When somebody gets so excited over one hamburger, it's"

Since his trip, Barron says he's gotten donations from people all over the Country - as far away as Minnesota.

He now plans to go back as many times as possible to deliver food as long as they need it.