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New app allows people to rent electric car chargers

Posted at 5:37 PM, Feb 27, 2024

“When we test drove them they were more fun to drive... they're safer I believe," says Brian Gallagher.

Getting behind the wheel of an electric car was easy for Gallagher.

"We have solar in the house, so there's a cost benefit from using a gasoline car," he says. "I'm filling up twice a month and it takes about 40 bucks each time. So that's about 80 bucks a month. That’s about a thousand bucks a year. "

 So he invested in a charger and installed it at his house.

He says it cost him fewer than a thousand dollars, and because he doesn’t drive his car often – he only needs to charge it once or twice a week.

That’s when he learned about a new program called “Buzzee,” which has been described as the "Air BNB" of EV charging.

Customer can log onto the app and browse locations near them looking for hosts who are renting out their electric car chargers from home.

“These are people who rent apartments rent homes do ride share don't have a away to charge except to use a commercial charger it can be expensive," Nestor Carrillo, Head of Growth for Buzzee, says.

In Southern California, there are more than 50 charging hosts who have signed up. Gallagher adds while he’s gotten more interest in the last few weeks, he’s hoping this concept takes off, adding any money he makes will go directly to his utility bills.

“You're not going to get rich off of it. But it's 5 or 6 cents a kilowatt. So again, you make as little as 10 dollars a month or a 100 a month," he says.