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'Whatever you can afford': San Diego donations saving lives in Ukraine

Donations from San Diego are saving lives in Ukraine
Posted at 4:30 PM, Aug 01, 2022

SAN DIEGO (KGTV) — The local House of Ukraine in Balboa Park continues to help those affected by the war overseas.

Mira Rubin, the president of the organization, has been on the ground in Ukraine over the last two weeks seeing firsthand how donations from San Diegans are making a big impact.

“I do cry quite a bit because it’s just so emotional at times…the stories are so intense,” said Rubin. “The tragedies of human life really get to you.”

No place in Ukraine is considered “safe” right now. She says even in the west, every night they hear the sound of sirens warning of a potential attack.

“Just the way Russia terrorizes the population…they really try to send these rockets in the middle of the night often,” she said.

Rubin says she’s been working with partner organizations delivering food, aid, and supplies.

They’ve helped wounded soldiers, kids in orphanages who have lost parents, and refugees fleeing the war zone.

“You can feel that agony in their eyes. You can see what these people went through,” she said.

She says they’ve been able to help hundred thanks to the continued support from people in San Diego. Although now their strategy has changed slightly.

Instead of collecting heavy cans and goods here and paying the expensive fees to ship items abroad, she says for people who want to help the best way is to simply donate financially.

“There’s still a functioning economy and you can buy a lot of stuff in Ukraine or Europe,” she said.

Adding no donation is too small: “Even if it’s $20, $30…or $50 once a month. Whatever you can afford. It goes a long way.”

You can donate to the House of Ukraine and their relief efforts HERE.