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What is being done to curb gas prices, now at $6?

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Posted at 5:05 PM, Mar 25, 2022
and last updated 2022-03-25 20:05:29-04

It has been a month of skyrocketing gas prices in San Diego County.

The average price is now just one-tenth of a cent shy of $6 dollars a gallon.

"It's costing me at least another 200 dollars a month or more," shares Peatro. "You know it's a lot of money for low-income, because the transportation is number one in the country."

Peatro can't believe what he pays at the pump, "Once it goes up, it stays up, it never comes down!"

And he can't believe what he keeps paying, "It's a lot of money."

With daily new records, San Diego pumps are now showing average prices as 16 cents higher than a week ago, a dollar eighteen higher than a month ago, and two dollars more than a year ago.

As of Friday, San Diego is one-tenth of a cent away from being $6.

"I think we need to focus on the people that need it the most," shares Senator Toni Atkins.

Senator Atkins says debate in Sacramento to find some relief to the high costs is centered around how best to do it.

"Should we suspend the gas tax?" Sentaor Atkins asks, "Well if we do that doesn't mean that translates to you getting more money in your pocket. What if it doesn't?"

Atkins says that she and other state leaders want to make sure the money that they are giving is going to the pumps of those who need it.

"If you make 125 thousand a year, do you really need a rebate? Do you really need a refund?" asks Senator Atkins. "Because we know there are people out there who need it more."

Governor Newsom proposed Wednesday to give Californians $9 billion dollars in tax refunds, which would be given in the form of 400 dollar direct payments per registered car owner.

In San Diego, a similar approach, the People's Association of Justice Advocates plans to host their second free gas distribution event. The event will be held next Wednesday and sign-up is needed. The organization with the help of donors will be offering $50 dollars to each household that makes 75,000 or less.

It's all in the hopes that those who are paying more, just to commute, can get a little bit of help.

Senator Atkins says that she is meeting with Governor Newsom on Friday, and hopes to brainstorm ideas centered around his proposal and others.