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West Coast Weenies: 72 years of Corn dogs

A staple at the San Diego County Fair is still going strong
Posted at 9:04 PM, Jun 07, 2023

(KGTV) SAN DIEGO — At West Coast Weenies, Corn dogs come in all shapes and sizes. The food vendor has been making them for 72 years.

"West Coast Weenies. It is a wordplay. We have a little bit of fun with both sides of it. The kids love West Coast Weenies and the parents have fun with it too," says Nathan Marcus.

He is the CEO of the company and his family started it. West Coast Weenies has been at the San Diego County Fair for more than 50 years.

"My grandmother and grandfather were the pioneers. They owned a carnival and all the rides at one point. They settled on the food and the corn dogs," he adds.

The company has grown tremendously. It now goes to many events, all across the West Coast. It took Marcus and his crew several weeks to put together trailers at the fair.

"These all have hydraulic signage. They fold up like a transformer. Everything you see goes inside one of our support vehicles," says Marcus.

There are about 15,000 hot dogs in Marcus' walk-in refrigerator. They won’t last long. The corn dogs will be gone in about a week. You can choose from mini, one or two-foot-long dogs. There is also a dragon cheesy crunch dog.

"These are alternating bites between an Angus beef dog, pepper jack cheese, and cheddar cheese," Marcus says.

He dips it in a special batter.

"Roll it in crust right here and in the fryer it goes," he adds.

When it comes to the menu, Marcus says he keeps it traditional. That and his passion, keep people coming back.

"Every day being able to wake up and do this. Knowing my grandfather, grandmother, mom, dad and now me. My children are doing this as well. It’s very rewarding," Marcus says.