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Veteran captures the stories of San Diego's WWII heroes

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Posted at 11:54 AM, Nov 12, 2022

SAN DIEGO (KGTV) — It's more than just a gallery of portraits inside Nelson's Photography.

It's a piece of history, telling the stories of 25 of San Diego's World War II heroes.

"We're losing them at 100 a day, or maybe more and their stories will be gone forever if we don't collect them," said Chief Mickey Strand, retired U.S. Navy combat photographer.

Behind the lens of the Veterans Portrait Series is retired Navy combat photographer, Chief Mickey Strand.

"I think their service is probably one of the last times that Americans answered the call and went out and did what they needed to do to make sure that America would continue to be America," he said.

He said he's grateful fellow veterans spent time to share their stories.

"They gave me an opportunity to collect a small snippet of their life and that they give me the opportunity to share that with the next generation," said Strand.

As he walked along the wall covered in his portraits, he reflected on the veterans' stories.

"Juan's got an incredible story, and he looks really great in his Crackerjack still. He's very proud of his service. Yesterday for veterans day, he marched in a parade. Then he was a trick ropester- a very famous one- after his service," he explained.

Strand's passion project will be on display for free until the end of November.