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Urban Mo's restaurant in Hillcrest requiring proof of vaccination

COVID-19 vaccine
Posted at 8:12 PM, Jul 31, 2021
and last updated 2021-08-01 17:22:00-04

SAN DIEGO (KGTV) -- One Hillcrest business is now requiring proof of vaccination for customers looking to attend events.

Urban Mo's, a gay bar and restaurant says they want their customers to feel safe. They say they believe, this was the extra step in doing so.

Multiple times throughout any given week, Urban MO’s hosts dozens of events and dances. As of Saturday, if you plan to attend you will need to have your vaccination card.

Friday, Urban Mo's posted on their social media, a flyer telling patrons of their changes. Patrons must now show proof of vaccination either by card or online, if you plan on attending any of their events or dances.

“We are hoping to be part of the solution not part of the problem," shares General Manager and Co-Owner of Urban Mo's, Matthew Ramon, "we do not want our business to be shut down again.”

Ramon shares that Saturday was the first day of putting the measure into action, and the response was all positive, "We just had one today and it was really successful, everyone brought their cards in and it felt really safe, and they really enjoyed the safety of it all.”

The restaurant says for those casually dining in the restaurant, no card or QR code is needed, but if you plan on attending on of the many events throughout the week, Ramon says you will be turned away if you are not vaccinated, "Most of our community is vaccinated, especially San Diego we are over 70% now. So it should not be an issue at all," he shares , "and again if they do not have their card, they can go online and get qr code and that’s really easy to get.”

Ramon furthers, "We know it is not a full proof thing, but it's an extra layer of protection so that our guests are not in the hospital, our staff is not in the hospital, and our community stays healthy."

Some patrons like Tony Moore, agreed with the local business, "It's okay. It's your business it's your organization it's your company, you should have that right to make those rules. If you want to keep people safe, you make that requirement to show proof of vaccination. I don't see anything wrong with that personally."

Zina Wins, who wanted to attend a Saturday night event and was turned away, believes it was wrong for her to be excluded because of her personal choice, "I don't think they should take events away from people that decide not to get vaccinated. If you get vaccinated everyone has their choice that's fine, but if you are not vaccinated, it shouldn't be taken away from you."

Mayor Todd Gloria believes that this measure is an individual choice for each businesses to make. After a hard year for many small businesses, he knows that the fear of closing once again because of Covid-19 is always front of mind, "If they believe that is what is necessary to protect the public health and keep their business successful then I think they should choose to do that, and I would certainly choose to support businesses that did."

As on of the first San Diego businesses to come forth with this measure, they hope patrons understand and oblige as they do what they believe is best, "We wanted to make sure we are safe. That we are safe for our staff, for our community, for our guests, and that we have the environment for that."