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Unvaccinated San Diego Unified School District workers receive termination letters

Posted at 8:18 AM, Jan 25, 2022

SAN DIEGO (KGTV) – The San Diego Unified School District is moving towards letting go of employees who have refused to receive the COVID-19 vaccine.

District officials told ABC 10News termination letters were sent Monday to 73 workers who did not abide by SD Unified’s vaccine requirement, which was approved in September.

The terminations represent less than one-tenth of a percent of all district staff.

According to the district, 12 of the now-former workers were credentialed employees, which can include teachers, principals, and counselors.

The other 61 are non-credentialed, which may include bus drivers, cafeteria workers, and maintenance staff.

District officials said about 840 staff members were accommodated for medical or religious reasons.

District Board Member Richard Barrera said the fact that 99 percent of staff are now fully vaccinated shows the district’s mandate worked.

"What we're doing is making sure when people come to work and they're in contact with our students, when they're in contact with other staff in the district, that they're fully vaccinated,” Barrera told ABC 10News.

Barrera did not that employees who receive a termination notice still have a few days to show proof of vaccination to keep their jobs.