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Three San Diego areas listed as worst for fleeing a wildfire

Wildfires ravage Northern California
Posted at 5:39 PM, Apr 25, 2019
and last updated 2019-04-25 21:27:56-04

Three San Diego areas are among the worst when it comes to evacuating in the event of a wildfire, according to a new analysis by the Associated Press.

The study listed Scripps Ranch (92131 ZIP code), Jamul (91935 ZIP code) and Ramona (92065 ZIP code) as the areas that have too few evacuation routes for their populations.

"It's true," said Karen Herreros, of the Scripps Ranch Fire Safe Council. "We really have only one way in and out of Scripps and it's Pomerado Road."

Herreros added that Pomerado road is just two lanes, and there are no plans to widen it. This, despite hundreds of new homes planned for the area and even more proposed.

Isaac Sanchez, a spokesman for CalFire San Diego, says this is a known issue to the agency.

"For years CAL FIRE/San Diego County Fire has stressed the importance of having several potential escape routes identified in the event of an evacuation order for all communities, regardless of location or reason," he said.

The study listed 13 ZIP codes in Southern California that are the worst for evacuation. On average, the riskiest areas had 134 residents per each lane of traffic going in either direction.

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