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Thousands already cast votes in Midterm Election

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Posted at 12:45 PM, Nov 07, 2022

SAN DIEGO (KGTV) — Democracy is at work even ahead of Election Day in San Diego County.

“Incredibly easy, in fact, I’ve had this in my car for a few days and I work just around the corner so I had to get it done today. I love mail-in balloting," said Buddy Voit, a voter.

A steady stream of early voters dropped off their ballots at the registrar of voters' office. It's one of many sites around the county to cast your vote.

"It’s easy. It’s so easy. There’s no reason why we can’t, but I really hope that everyone does their research," said Gabriel Adona, a voter.

More than 1.9 million people are registered to vote in San Diego County.

As of Sunday morning, more than 480,000 voters have dropped off their ballots.


Voters that ABC 10News spoke to said the future was top of mind.

“It’s what we want for our kids and for our families," said Jessica Peter, a voter.

Voit agreed.

“A lot of the propositions — there’s so much advertising and it's just all negative not informative, but it’s just telling you don’t do this so you really have to take some time to read it," expressed Voit.

Voters say educating yourself is also important.

This midterm election has proven to be heated across the country with other states seeing armed people outside of ballot drop-off areas and people making threats.

But the San Diego County Sheriff’s Department tells ABC 10News in a statement there is there have been no threats so far.

"We believe we have adequate staffing on duty and have additional resources available if needed. The Registrar of Voters has been working very hard to ensure a safe and secure election process. We have been working and collaborating with our local, state, and federal partners and are ready to respond appropriately to any incident. As of this moment, we have no intelligence or information of any threats to the County of San Diego."

If you’re not registered, but would like to vote, you can conditionally register to vote and cast a provisional ballot at any vote center.