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Taking a look behind the curtain with Cirque du Soleil chefs

Posted at 6:19 PM, Apr 17, 2019

SAN DIEGO (KGTV) -- The Del Mar Fairgrounds get transformed into a small, mobile city during the traveling performance of Cirque du Soleil as the focus shifts to feeding hundreds of artists, technicians and staff.

Each Cirque du Soleil audience is transported to another world watching art unfold on the stage, but behind the scenes is another form of art.

“Culinary is one of those few fields left in the world where you can be artistic, can be a form of expression every day.”

Chef Scott Veneklase is one of Volta’s four chefs, creating eclectic menus featuring food from all corners of the world.

“We try to do a bit of everything, German food, Japanese food, today Italian.”

Because the performers come from 25 different countries, their meal is often the closest connection they’ll have to their home. Each day is a brand new menu.

“Even if it’s just a little flavor from home for them it makes all the difference in the world.”

“It’s so important to feed artists and to provide something they’ll like, that way they won’t feel so far from home.”

Chef Veneklase and his team are responsible for feeding over 126 athletes and artists. each with unique dietary needs.

“The artists are always going to be very, very clean, say we’re designing a menu have to be incredibly conscious about it.”

“It’s basically opening and closing a restaurant every month, so it’s a huge challenge of creativity.”

The kitchen staff is always first to arrive on sight and the last to leave.Then they do it all over again in 10 days in a new city.

“We’re a close group. We all ran away and joined the circus.” It’s a fast paced lifestyle they live for.

“We get to explore, we get to travel the world.” Creating new art in every stop.