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SUV's dangerous maneuver on San Pasqual Road caught on camera

Posted at 8:23 AM, May 30, 2024

SAN DIEGO (KGTV) – An incident on an Escondido two-lane road in which a driver pulled off a dangerous maneuver was caught on another driver’s dashcam.

A driver shared their dashcam video of the incident, which occurred on May 25 on a stretch of San Pasqual Road, with ABC 10News.

Witnesses told ABC 10News a man had been driving his gray SUV closely behind them on the roadway when he attempted to pass them.

The dashcam captured the SUV nearly side-swiping a blue pickup truck and barely missing several oncoming vehicles on the opposite lane.

One witness told ABC 10News they noticed two children in the SUV with the driver after he pulled over.

"I was just like there’s no way a parent would do that, willingly put their kids in danger in head-on traffic," said Jorge Cabrera, a witness to the incident.

ABC 10News has confirmed that the driver involved is an employee of the Miramar Fire Department. Cabrera said he was shocked to hear the man was a first responder.

"I just don’t understand if your profession is to save lives and you’re doing the opposite of that on the road, it doesn’t make sense," said Cabrera.

Early Thursday afternoon, San Diego Police confirmed they are investigating the incident as a child endangerment situation.

MCAS Miramar said the following in an emailed statement:

MCAS Miramar is aware of the allegations against an employee of the Miramar Fire Department. We are currently working with leadership to decide the appropriate course of action and for that reason cannot release the employee’s name to ensure a fair process of due rights. We take the safety of our service members, employees, and local citizens very seriously and are committed to ensuring that all members uphold that standard.