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Summer heat makes it harder for kids to play outside

Summer heat makes it harder for kids to play outside
Posted at 6:35 PM, Jul 08, 2024

SANTEE (KGTV) — With school out for the summer, most parents are looking for easy opportunities to entertain their kids.

"They get restless if we're inside, and they want to get out and play," said James Mchugh, father of three in Santee.

Mchugh says getting out to play is their top priority, but with temperatures hitting close to 100 across the East County, James isn't sure if going to the playground is the safest choice.

"I grew up with the big metal slides and things like that, so I kind of let them have a feel for it," Mchugh said.

Thankfully, these kids know what they're doing: jumping over hot spots on the slides, taking plenty of breaks in the shade and learning from trial and error.

"It's nice, but it burns my hands when I'm trying to do the rock wall," said 9-year-old Emma Kern. "It kind of turned my hands red. I just went on a swing for a little bit."

"I like the rock climbing wall the most," said her friend Holliday Mchugh. "Sometimes it's really hot, but I just do it because I like it."

It's not as simple for pets. Kristy DeAlba's little chihuahua, Poppy, is under close supervision.

"Yeah, he's panting, so we're going to take him into air conditioning and get him more water," DeAlba said.

DeAlba only takes Poppy outside for short periods in the early morning and late at night.

ABC 10News contacted the City of Santee to see if they would respond to concerns over heated playground equipment. A representative says they haven't received complaints from families and will not make any changes.