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State Assemblymen introduce 'Let Them Play' resolution for youth sports to resume in California

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Posted at 2:02 PM, Jan 27, 2021
and last updated 2021-01-27 17:02:32-05

(KGTV) -- Two Northern California assemblymen have introduced a resolution that calls for the resumption of youth sports in the state.

Yuba City Assemblyman James Gallagher and Rocklin-based Assemblyman Kevin Kiley announced Wednesday they are co-authoring the “Let Them Play” resolution, and they are asking fellow assemblymembers to sign on as co-authors.

The end of the stay-at-home order this week meant the return of California’s color-coded, tier-based “Blueprint for a Safer Economy” system. Under that guidance, certain youth sports are allowed to return to outdoor competition. Sports such as cross country, golf, swimming, and tennis are considered “outdoor low-contact sports” and are able to resume in purple tier counties, for example.

More information on the state’s youth sports guidance can be found on this link.

However, Gallagher and Kiley believe the state should stop keeping kids away from athletic competition.


Gallagher said, “California is the only large state in the nation that is keeping youth sports locked down. It’s wrong, and the decision is having a devastating impact on our youth. The Legislature needs to weigh in immediately.”

Kiley added, “Once again the decisions being made in Sacramento have made our state the exception rather than the rule, keeping in place restrictions that hurt the health and well-being of our kids. It’s time to follow the evidence and the rest of the country in bringing back youth sports in California.”

A news release from Gallagher’s office also stated: “Some coaches are reporting that the ban on youth sports has resulted in a sharp rise in gang membership, drug and alcohol use, school dropouts, and incarceration. They have also reported an alarming social equity disparity, as private schools and exclusive club teams continue to participate in sporting activities.”