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Dozens of volunteers still at the border serving hundreds of migrants

Dozens of volunteers still at the border, serving hundreds of migrants
Posted at 12:31 PM, May 13, 2023

SAN YSIDRO (KGTV) — Hundreds of migrants spent the night sleeping on the ground at the San Ysidro border. Many say they've been here for days, and the journey wasn't easy.

Mohamed Deallo says he took two weeks to get here. He came with a group of five people from Equatorial Guinea. 10News reporter Perla Shaheen spoke to him in French and later translated their conversation.

“We've come to work and create a life for our family," Deallo said.

Title 42 ended on Thursday, bringing many migrants to the border hopeful for a new life. Now, they must wait for Border Patrol to process their asylum claims.

“The conditions here are bad, we sweat, we have nothing to eat. You see it. We want to leave here, we want to go to the other side, to the united states.”

Thankfully volunteer groups have been coming to help. They have a temporary setup where they hand out things like diapers and sanitary supplies. They're even making sandwiches for some of the migrants. Michelle Celleri is one of dozens of volunteers who came to the border on Saturday.

“Everything you see here today is because volunteers are here," Celleri said. "We brought blankets, we have food, we even have charging stations.”

Celleri says there’s only one porta-potty for hundreds of migrants and almost no food or water.

“There’s a lot of people we don’t have access to," Celleri said. "The next canyon over is filled with male migrants. We’ve heard there’s somewhere between 600 and 800 people there.”

Celleri says volunteers will keep coming so long as they're needed.