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Donations pouring into the border amid fallout of Title 42 expiring

Woman cooks beans and makes coffee at the border wall near San Ysidro
Posted at 9:29 AM, May 14, 2023

SAN YSIDRO, CA — Just more than 48 hours after Title 42 expired, the border wall near San Ysidro looks much different than it did days before.

The once-empty area is now covered in donations and volunteers hard at work to provide migrants with anything they might need that they can give them between the cracks in the wall.

ABC 10News spoke with one migrant on Saturday evening, Andrea, with the help of a volunteer willing to translate the conversation.

Andrea has been at the border for five days and says she is "Just waiting and hoping that the conditions change because living like this… It’s just not humane.”

Andrea says the migrants need more clean water and places to use the bathroom.

Volunteers said a new wave of migrants appeared on Friday night.

Stacks of clothes, diapers, and hygiene products line the edges of the border wall.

Some volunteers are working in shifts so they can service the migrants in any way possible, 24 hours a day.

Andrea says she is hoping to make it to Nashville, Tennessee, where friends and family members are waiting for her.

She says if she gets into America, she wants to thank those who helped her at the border, and "The next part would be to work very hard and dedicate herself to seeking opportunities.”

Local Business Calls for Donations

While volunteers work around the clock at the border wall, a restaurant in South Park has put out a call-to-action for donations.

Fernside posted a picture on Instagram asking people to drop off donations that will be taken to the border in Jacumba on Monday afternoon.

"We open at 11 every day on the weekends, and at 1:00 p.m., our whole front area was already filled with donations," said one manager.

Several people dropped off bags of donations early on in the evening.

When asked why one man felt compelled to donate, he said, "These people just want to better lives. I mean, the country was built on immigrants, and now so many people want to just shut them out. It’s horrible.”

Volunteers say all of the donations have come from friends, family, and community members, and they are always seeking more.