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Chula Vista family confronts man in alleged animal abuse viral video

Chula Vista family confront man in alleged animal abuse viral video
Posted at 7:48 PM, Apr 02, 2021
and last updated 2021-04-04 23:57:37-04

CHULA VISTA (KGTV) — An investigation into the reported abuse of a puppy in the Rancho Del Rey neighborhood, which was caught on video, has been turned over to Animal Control officials, police said Sunday.

A 30-second video surfaced on local social media pages showing a man allegedly striking a dog several times on a public sidewalk. Additional details described to this station give a more harrowing account of the incident that was not caught on video.

Chula Vista resident Frances Montgomery told ABC 10News that her 17-year-old daughter Sabrina captured the video around noon on Friday.

Montgomery said that her daughter and a friend saw an unleashed puppy running along the 700 block of East J Street and decided to retrieve the animal.

Within a moment, Sabrina noticed two people giving chase after the dog.

“Sabrina saw the owner catch up with the dog and was relieved, but then she realized the dog was whimpering and cowering,” said Montgomery.

Sabrina then witnessed the owner punch the dog several times and slam the dog’s head on the sidewalk, according to Montgomery.

Montgomery said Sabrina became distraught but kept the presence of mind to record the incident with her cell phone from a safe distance.

She quickly returned home to show Montgomery the video. Angry over what her daughter described happened outside their home, Montgomery, her husband, and Sabrina pursued the owner in their car.

The family caught up with the dog’s owner and confronted him. Montgomery said the owner gave an unusual response.

“Well, he's not listening,” the man said about the dog’s behavior. Montgomery said the owner wasn’t aggressive nor confrontational towards the family.

“He looked mortified he got called out,” she said.

Montgomery said her daughter, a dog owner herself since she was a toddler, was visibly shaken over the encounter.

“She doesn’t know a life without a dog,” said Montgomery.

“But I’m so proud of her, she did the right thing. As soon she saw what was happening she came to me to report what was going on.”

Montgomery said officers responded to her calls on Saturday morning. Officers interviewed witnesses and a man suspected of abusing the puppy, said Jason Deiner of the CVPD.

"The suspect and caller has been interviewed regarding his involvement and the case has been transferred to the Chula Vista Animal Control since they do animal-related cases in our city," Deiner said.

Animal Control officials were not immediately available for comment.