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September is Prostate Cancer Awareness month

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SAN DIEGO (KGTV) -- September is Prostate Cancer Awareness month. as it is the second most common type of cancer in men.

Now one simple way to reduce the risk is to eat a healthy diet. So in the month of September, the Prostate Cancer Foundation has a simple challenge, to eat 30 healthy foods in 30 days. They are calling it the "Eat It To Beat It Challenge."

Prostate cancer can be silent, with no symptoms at all, and that was the case for Rancho Bernardo resident Patrick Sheffler. Always active, he spent a lot of time running marathons and even the Spartan Race, but that didn't make him invincible.

"I was probably the last person you would ever think would have come down with any disease or any kind of cancer."


SEPTEMBER IS PROSTATE CANCER AWARENESS MONTH. You can participate by joining the EAT TO BEAT TO IT challenge! The first step is to join the PCF Facebook Group. Don't want to be on Facebook? Sign up here and we will send you information by email during the month. When you are in the group, request your FREE welcome kit!


He was diagnosed with stage 3 prostate cancer a couple of years ago. In fact, it was his son who had to deliver him the tough news.

"I went in to get more life insurance through my son, and he informed me my PSA levels were elevated, so that's sort of how we found out."

Statistics show 1 in 9 men will get prostate cancer.

"It is the most common cancer in men in the US and worldwide," says UCSD researcher Dr, Rana McKay.

Dr. McKay says it's the second leading cause of death in men after lung cancer. And that is why she is promoting the healthy eating challenge, "Eat It To Beat it."

"Eat 30 healthy foods in 30 days. It's a challenge not just for men, it's really for all individuals men, women, and families. It's all about adopting a healthy lifestyle."

Now a cancer survivor, Patrick is all on board with the September challenge.

"I'm really a big proponent of what you eat, not only before you have cancer, or if you have cancer, but as a way to make your body stronger with the ability to fight off disease."

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