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Senior citizen hospitalized after tripping over dockless scooter

Posted at 5:39 PM, Jul 10, 2019
and last updated 2019-07-10 20:50:29-04

A Pacific Beach woman was hospitalized after tripping over a dockless scooter left next to a traffic light on Garnet Avenue.

The incident happened July 1, the day the city began enforcing scooter regulations.

Ellie Fellers, who is in her 80s, was trying to cross Mission Boulevard at Garnet Avenue to mail a letter. She says she pressed the button to cross on the the traffic light, which was surrounded by unused scooters. Once she got the signal, she turned to cross but tripped over a scooter.

Fellers says she suffered two concussions and a bleed above her adrenal gland.

"Enough of this," Fellers told the City Council Tuesday. "The money you're making on those scooters can't possibly make up for the amount that it's costing you."

The new city rules call for painted corrals that designate where scooter riders can leave the devices. However, they're currently only located in downtown.

On Wednesday in Pacific Beach, there were scooters left along the sidewalks or toppled over in piles.

"All of this is making it very difficult for pedestrians to get around town, and we've noticed that people who normally walk for exercise, like Ms. Fellers - they're saying we don't feel comfortable walking for exercise in our own community," said Scott Chipman, a 45-year Pacific Beach resident and a member of its community planning group.

A spokeswoman for the mayor says 100 dockless scooter corrals will be added in Pacific Beach, and another 80 in Ocean Beach, by the end of the month.

Meanwhile, Chipman and other residents are reporting that many of the scooters are not slowing to the geo-fenced limit of 8 miles per hour along the boardwalk.

Annalisa Snow, who was riding a scooter along the boardwalk Wednesday, said she hasn't noticed any change.

"I haven't personally," she said. "It lets you go fast."

What is in effect is a requirement that operators stage the devices in groups of four maximum, with 40 feet of space in between each group.

On Wednesday, many of them were much closer together.