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San Diego Unified School District parents to rally for school reopenings

Posted at 7:54 AM, Sep 22, 2020
and last updated 2020-09-22 11:37:47-04

SAN DIEGO (KGVT) -- Parents of San Diego Unified School District students will hold a demonstration Tuesday with a goal for the school district to return to full-time, in-person education as soon as possible.

Parent and family therapist Gina Smith said she started the group called "Reopen SDUSD" because she is frustrated that other San Diego County districts have set reopening dates, and many private schools are already open. The group has already started a petition which has more than 650 signatures.

"What sparked the fire is that other schools have reopening plans within weeks and San Diego Unifed has been silent," Smith said.

San Diego Unified has not released any definitive dates or a timeline for reopening.

Currently, the district is reporting a projected loss of 2,474 students. Two out of every three un-enrolled students are kindergartners. Enrolling children into kindergarten is not mandatory in the state of California.

The district has a meeting scheduled for Tuesday evening, and before that meeting, hundreds of parents are expected to rally over their concerns about distance learning.

Some parents say they're concerned about the mental health impact distance learning is having on their children.

"The isolation and lack of social interaction is a huge part that many children as young as five are experiencing depressive symptoms", Smith said.

The group also will hold a protest outside San Diego Unified’s District headquarters Tuesday at 4 p.m., before the school board meeting at 5 p.m.