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San Diego nonprofit celebrates Black History Month with virtual 5K

BlkLuv 5k
Posted at 5:52 PM, Feb 02, 2021

SAN DIEGO, Calif. (KGTV) - Mars Herring said she moved to San Diego and realized a big part of her life was missing, so she made a change.

“I was very used to working out with other black people and doing so many different things. I came to San Diego and I was somewhat missing that and so instead of just complaining about it, I was like well let's do something about it,” she said.

She then started Fit Black and Educated Incorporated, a nonprofit that lifts up the black community in many different ways.

“Our main focus is to empower people of the African diaspora to be healthier mentally, physically and financially,” she said.

For physical fitness, they host regular boot camps throughout the year, plus a hike every Sunday. For financial wellness, they consistently hold workshops to help teach people about getting out of debt, 401Ks and more.

For Black History Month, the Herring is also hosting a virtual 5K called “blk luv.” You can register here.

“Why we called it black love, it’s in February celebrating Black History Month but it’s celebrating all things for black people,” she said, adding that she wants people to dress up in clothes that celebrate the black community. “I’m totally envisioning people wearing their sorority hoodies or jackets or shirts, I’m envisioning people wearing their hair in fros or locks. I’m envisioning people just coming to support.”

Anyone can join in on the run for $25. Participants can do it on their own time starting in February and continuing through May 19.

“We chose May 19 because that Malcom X’s birthday so we just wanted to extend it and say hey let's extend it all the way to someone’s birthday that’s significant in our history,” she said.

She’s asking anyone who participates to use the hashtag “blkluv5k” on social media.

In addition to the 5K, they’re partnering with the WorldBeat Cultural Center to screen movies about the black community every Friday. Some movies include American Skin, Marshall and The Tuskegee Airmen.

Herring said she’s excited about the events during Black History Month, but wants people to normalize the black experience so it can be embraced year-round.

“Remember that Black American history is American history. So yes we’re celebrating about Black history in February but note that celebrate all year long,” she said.