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Seniors beat the heat with free fitness classes

Posted at 6:29 PM, Jul 10, 2024

SAN DIEGO (KGTV) — It’s a class for your body and mind. In the front row are Teresa Perez and her mom Rosalba Belmontez.

"My mom says come in and exercise. When she asks me to come I say, I will just stay in the car. She says no you come in and exercise and I say ok," said Perez.

Teresa started working out with Rosalba, after her home was devastated by the January flood.

"My car and everything. Everything was devastated," said Rosalba.

"It was heartbreaking. Because my mom lives by herself. Thank God my mom has me and my sister. She is staying with my sister right now," said Teresa.

They work out at the Serving Seniors’ Gary and Mary West Senior Wellness Center. It’s located downtown. The nonprofit provides a variety of free services for seniors.

"Most of the older adults we serve are low income. Many don’t have family members and are homeless. It is critical for us to provide these services where they can come down, have a meal and socialize with their friends," says Serving Seniors' COO Melinda Forstey.

"If you try to exercise outside and it’s hot out, you have to carry water. You get exhausted much more quickly. If they come to an air conditioned room, they are much more likely to attend and they have the camaraderie of each other as well," said Fitness Trainer Russell Rowe.

Rosalba loves the camaraderie so much, sometimes she takes the bus to the class. She lost her car in the flood.