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San Dieguito Academy HS students host walkout in honor of Uvalde shooting victims

Posted at 11:39 AM, May 26, 2022

SAN DIEGO (KGTV) — Students at San Dieguito Academy High School joined students at schools across the country, organizing a walkout to honor the victims of the Texas shooting and take a stand against gun violence.

Joy Ruppert, a student says, " Even though we weren't directly affected this time we are still students and staff that see this happening on the news. And one day with an open campus that could happen to us."

Joy Ruppert and Mace Viemeister are juniors at San Dieguito Academy. They say as young adults their voices aren’t always heard, but when it comes to fighting for what’s right they’re making sure people start listening.

One way they’re doing that is by participating in the national walkout, where groups like Students Demand Change, encouraged young adults to organize walkouts at their schools to send a message about issues that matter to them.

Ruppert adds, " We've genuinely grown up in this climate to worry about Roe VS Wade, environmental justice gun violence that's what we we're raised in. That's also the future we're being prepared to face in our schools."

Both Ruppert and Viemeister say they’re hoping to continue pushing for change when it comes to gun laws at the state and federal level.