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Road repairs stretch on for years in Point Loma, neighbors say

Posted at 3:20 PM, Oct 01, 2019
and last updated 2019-10-01 20:14:41-04

SAN DIEGO (KGTV) - Point Loma neighbors say a completed Navy fuel pipeline project has been tearing up their road for years.

The work to replace the 17-mile-long Navy-owned Miramar pipeline is finished along Rosecrans Street between Talbot Street and Naval Base Point Loma. However, residents told 10News parts of the repaved street are failing.

“I would love to see it finally repaired correctly so it doesn't fail in six months, which is what has happened multiple times,” said La Playa resident Ben Bensoul.

Bensoul said contractors were supposed to finish the Talbot Street stretch of road last week but there is no sign of the workers.

“They picked up their signs and left,” he said.

Bensoul said traffic snarls are common, along with safety concerns for bicyclists and people on scooters.

“I’ve actually memorized where all the holes were and was able to avoid half driving home. Now it's impossible,” said Bensoul.

The Miramar pipeline provides fuel for ships and aircraft.

10News reached out to the Navy for comment.

"Roadwork on Rosecrans Street began September 23rd with removal of failed slurry seal and was scheduled to be finished with the new slurry seal on 28 September. During this process, concrete was discovered under the asphalt, which causes adhesion problems. The contractor is currently working with the City of San Diego, however, due to the underlying condition of the road, this requires additional investigation and discussion to achieve an effective long-term solution. For additional updates, please contact the Public Works Department, Construction Management and Field Services Division Information Line, 619-533-4207 or

The contractor used a faulty mix of slurry previously, which led to the road failures on Rosecrans and seven other San Diego locations. The Navy takes concerns from members of the Point Loma community very seriously and strive to keep close ties. We are working diligently to do everything we can to get this issue resolved as quickly possible," a Navy spokesperson said.