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Number of migrants at the southern border more than doubles

migrants at the border
Posted at 4:34 PM, May 09, 2023
and last updated 2023-05-09 19:53:48-04

SAN DIEGO (KGTV) — Title 42 is set to expire, the San Diego border looks like it has become a village.

ABC 10News has had boots on the ground for weeks, and overnight reporters noticed the number of migrants has more than doubled.

There are several dozen families spread out between the two Border fences with tarps overhead.

Some of the youngest migrants are infants.

Advocates are offering a helping hand to the hundreds of migrants gathered at the border by handing out food.

“We came because, like many others — we are looking for a better way of life. We’re looking for safety to go out in the streets," said Marcela Aguilar, a migrant from Colombia.

She said she crossed through the border fences and told the CBP One App wasn’t for her.

“The information we got about the app is that it's only for Venezuelans to apply to be refugees," she said.

She was misinformed.

According to CBP's website, it's for all non-citizens to apply to streamline the processes to legally enter a Port of Entry.

Even if Aguilar wanted to apply through the app— she can’t.

“It’s dead. We can’t even turn it on. We don’t have a battery," Aguilar said.

Pedro Rios is with the American Friends Service Committee.

Rios' world has been turned upside down, helping migrants around the clock. He said that's one of the biggest complaints he’s hearing. That’s why he’s helping to charge migrant's phones.

“There are many people who are trying to use the CBP One app but just can’t do it," Rios said.

As for Aguilar, she said now that she’s waiting, there is no use in using the app.

“Now, with the situation we are in. We already went on a journey — it’s been 15 days now— six waiting here," Aguilar said.

San Diego border advocates expect the number of migrants to continue to grow along our southern border as Title 42 is said to expire on Thursday.