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Ex-San Diego solar company CEO gets probation for stalking ex-girlfriend

Posted at 5:51 PM, Apr 27, 2022
and last updated 2022-04-27 20:51:25-04

VISTA, Calif. (CNS) — The founder of a San Diego-based solar power company that came under scrutiny for suddenly shutting down its operations was sentenced Wednesday to three years of probation for stalking a former girlfriend.

Daniel Joseph Sullivan, 44, who headed Sullivan Solar Power, a prominent solar system installer in the San Diego region, was arrested and charged last year with stalking the woman and repeatedly violating a restraining order she filed against him.

In accordance with his plea to a felony stalking count last month, Sullivan agreed to undergo a drug and alcohol treatment program, one year of domestic violence recovery classes and GPS monitoring. Should he fail to abide by his probation terms, he faces three years in state prison.

Sullivan's company abruptly shut its doors last year, prompting anger from customers who claimed they paid for work that went unfinished and could not get a hold of officials at the company.

Soon after the company's closure, Sullivan was arrested in the stalking case.

According to court documents, Sullivan was convicted in 2017 of misdemeanor domestic violence involving the woman, who obtained a restraining order against Sullivan after receiving a slew of harassing and threatening calls, text messages and emails she alleged he made.

Sullivan also showed up unannounced at her workplace and the woman stated she moved from her home and began working remotely as a result.

"I have ignored these threats in the past, but this time his threats and behavior have escalated and I am terrified he will harm me, if not kill me," she wrote in a declaration.

In another declaration, she alleged he continued calling and messaging her on a regular basis, in violation of the restraining order.

While describing his behavior as "erratic" and "unpredictable," she wrote, "I am deeply shaken by his complete disregard for the restraining order and it is unknown as to what lengths Daniel will go in order to get my attention."