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Chef William Bradley brings 3-Michelin Stars to San Diego's Addison Restaurant

Addison now joining the elite group of 142 restaurants worldwide.
Posted at 6:24 PM, Dec 08, 2022

KGTV — December of 2022 will forever be known as the month San Diego made it to the world stage among the culinary elite.

And we did it with a chef raised right here in Chula Vista.

Only 142 restaurants in the world have been awarded 3 Michelin Stars, and on December 4, 2022, with Chef William Bradley at the helm, San Diego’s Addison Restaurant became a world-class dining destination.

Chef Bradley has headed the kitchen of Addison Restaurant in San Diego’s Carmel Valley since 2006. Every detail of his nine-course tasting menu is a well-orchestrated plan.

The Michelin Guide describes Bradley as having ‘masterful control over technique, flavors, and textures.’

Bradley has now done what no other southern California chef and only 141 others in the world have ever done, reaching 3 Michelin star status.

And he achieved the pinnacle of global fine dining in record time, less than four years.

Bradley told our ABC/10News anchor Kimberly Hunt he and his team spent the last couple of years shifting their style to create an even more unique experience.

The purity of Bradley’s cuisine shows reverence for the ingredients of our region, and our seasons, being described as California Gastronomy.

This journey began as a child in San Diego’s south bay city of Chula Vista where he was raised, after his aunt gave him a cookbook.

He describes his level of commitment as more than a passion - it’s an obsession, explaining that to get to this level you must dream big, surround yourself with people who share your vision, and be obsessed with reaching your goal.

Now that he has reached 3 Michelin Star status, Bradley says he will work every day to maintain that elite status because it’s so special to bring that global recognition to San Diego.