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San Diego Food System Alliance providing healthy food to those in need

Posted at 6:23 PM, Aug 04, 2020
and last updated 2020-08-04 21:49:22-04

SAN DIEGO (KGTV) -- San Diego Food System Alliance is on a mission of cultivating healthy food across San Diego County. And with the help of places like, Kitchen's For Food, the non-profit is working to provide healthy food for those San Diegans in need.

"Half a million San Diegans are food insecure, and these are individuals that don't know where healthy food comes from," says Food System Alliance Executive Director Elly Brown

Food System Alliance works with their network group, to get donated and surplus healthy food into the hands of those in need. At the same time, their goal is to look at the issues across the entire food system, and find solutions.

"When I'm talking about a food system, I'm talking about the chain of events that take food from seed, all the way to your plate. From the farming and fishing in our community, to the way food is distributed, all the way to the issues of waste. We are a powerful network of over 150 organizations, from diverse sectors that are coming together around this mission."

However, the current pandemic has disrupted the food distribution chain, while at the same time, the need for food has increased.

"Food insecurity has risen, and there are tremendous hardships for food workers and food businesses in our community. Additionally, the farmers and fisherman in our community, as they try hard to adapt to the changing market demands."

So in order to deal with future pandemics or disasters, San Diego Food System Alliance is looking at building a system that is more long lasting and innovative.

"This is part of the reason we are developing 2030. Now looking at top opportunities and the most impactful solutions to build a more resilient, and healthy food system in the area of San Diego County."