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San Diegans flock to outdoor festivals amid delta variant surge

Posted at 8:36 PM, Aug 07, 2021
and last updated 2021-08-07 23:36:25-04

SAN DIEGO (KGTV) -- On Saturday, hundreds across San Diego attended sold out events. With the delta variant and spikes in covid-cases, and the latest recommendations by doctors, attendees have been found to differ on the best ways to stay safe.

"Is this normal for this time of year?" asks Mrs. Rabaut.

She and her husband are visiting San Diego, and will call America's Finest City home, for the next several months. On Saturday afternoon, they passed by Belmont Park, not expecting to see the scene as it was.

BeerX, which is a San Diego Craft Beer & Music Festival had people entering by the hundreds to take part in the action.

It's something Mike Rabaut, plans to steer clear of, "We are kind of worried about it, we are going to stay away from crowds until maybe another 6 months, I am just not going to risk it it's just not worth it, we are vaccinated and everything but that new variant could very well get us and I don't want that."

Inside the festival is Jonathan Festari and his band-mates. The Floridian and his Reggae band have a gig this weekend, and were hoping to listen to some tunes.

Festari, says he feels otherwise, "No masks for us, no concerns here, all good vibes though."

Others like Jeremy Mulyck, who live in San Diego, say they are vaccinated.

The BeerX festival was his first big outdoor event since the beginning of the pandemic. He says that he along with his friends, plan to party safely, "I personally keep my distance still, I am half way vaccinated so working on it. But I don't know, it's going to get close at some point, I feel like maybe now since everything has changed maybe everyone won't be as close we will see."

The beer tasting event is not the only outdoor event that San Diegans are showing up too.

At Waterfront Park the CRSSD festival group hosted a two-day music festival called DAY.MVS.XL.

At both events, there were many people maskless, some who had their masks in hand, or others who did not have it at all.

Mrs. Rabaut shares it is difficult to keep socially distanced at events show as the ones hosted this weekend.

With COVID-19 infections continuing to rise, and the parties sill going, those like the Rabauts who are not attending, ask that those who are, to be safe, "I just hope they are being careful."

Both events did publish on their sites that they are asking others to adhere to CDC guidelines and follow recommendations.