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Rains expected to roll through San Diego region days before Christmas

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Posted at 11:25 AM, Dec 23, 2021
and last updated 2021-12-23 20:11:59-05

SAN DIEGO (KGTV) — City and county crews are doing what they can Thursday to stay ahead of rain expected to roll through the San Diego region.

From clearing out storm drains and inlets to street sweeping to reduce trash from entering the waterways, city workers have been prepping for the weather. This comes after last week’s storm that brought heavy rain to San Diego County. That same storm caused flooding in Mission Valley that left a woman stranded in her car, waiting for crews to rescue her to get out.

Emergency crews are hoping to avoid the need for water rescues by reminding people to pay attention to the barricades and road-closed signs.

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The following roads in the Mission Valley area will be closed due to the rain starting at 5 p.m. on Thursday:

  • Camino De La Reina between Camino De La Siesta and Avenida Del Rio
  • San Diego Mission Road between Fairmount and Caminito Yucatan
  • Mission Center Road between Hazard Center Drive and Camino De La Reina
  • Camino Del Este between Station Village Drive and Camino De La Reina
  • Qualcomm Way at Rio San Diego Drive
  • Ward Road at Camino Del Rio North

The rain is expected to hit the county just before sunset, with periods of heavy downpours lasting through Friday morning. The rain will peak overnight before tapering off on Friday afternoon.

Damaging winds are also a possibility, so crews recommend residents tie down any backyard or patio furniture items, or decorations, that could fall over or fly away.

“When you heed the warning that the storm is coming, please stay away from moving water. Stay, try not to drive your vehicle through the moving water. And if you can if it's possible, stay off the roads," said Battalion Chief Chris Babler, with the San Diego Fire Department.

But with just two days before Christmas, shoppers are likely to be on the roads despite the rainy weather.

Joshua Ramos told ABC 10News he's one of those looking to pick up a few last-minute gifts.

"I'm going to go inside Target and see what's left during this time it's busy so I do what I can to avoid the mall," Ramos said.

Thursday morning, he said he's doing his best to stay ahead of the expected rain.

"On top of traffic, the rain makes everything worse. It makes people drive 10 times slower. And if you beat the rain and are inside of the house before it starts pouring I think everything should be alright," said Ramos.