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Pacific Beach Pier shop closing after steep rent raise

Posted at 6:56 AM, May 21, 2022
and last updated 2022-05-25 14:14:32-04

UPDATE May 25, 2022: After this story was published, a resolution was reached between the city and the business.

A San Diego City spokesperson sent the following information:

The Crystal Pier Bait and Tackle shop is a sub-tenant of Crystal Pier Hotel & Cottages so the sub-lease is a contract between them. The City has reached out to both parties in the hopes of facilitating resolution. Our new available information shows that the Lessee provided a notice to the sub-tenant yesterday, May 23, 2022, to allow the sub-tenant to stay through July 22, 2022. Please reach out to Crystal Pier Hotel & Cottages for more information.

In addition, Crystal Pier Bait and Tackle posted to social media:

To all of you who have overwhelmed me with your love and support...I am making this one last post about the shop...this page will remain forever but back to happy posts only.
This wonderful community, and I mean ALL of San Diego, came forth with more support than I ever imagined. On Saturday, we our best day EVER because people came just to say "Hello" and support me by "just let me buy something to help" from all over the county. So much help was offered and someone very special came and offered to pay the extra rent per the agreement given to me which would have allowed me to stay until September 30, 2022. As hard as it was for me to accept this offer, I did and delivered the agreement signed as requested with the June rent. Today Crystal Pier Hotel returned the check along with a 60 day notice to vacate. Our last day will be July 22, 2022. I will not go into the details of the letter given with the notice. But I will say these last few things because if I do not I will not ever forgive myself. In the letter they attached to the notice, they had the audacity to mention my son's death, to how sorry they were and how it hurt them too. But they did not even spell his name correctly. And tomorrow will be Jamie Barrick 52 birthday, a day that breaks my heart every year. And lastly I was told that "my comments on social media are not appreciated". They were not meant to be. Love to all Please come see us before we go

Previous story:

SAN DIEGO, Calif. (KGTV) - Crystal Pier Bait and Tackle sits at the end of the Pacific Beach pier and has been a staple in the community since opening 13 years ago. The shop sells beach-themed trinkets and rents out fishing gear.

Pam Taylor runs the business and said her favorite part is getting to know the kids, both locals and tourists.

“My favorite part of the shop is seeing the smile of the kid coming down with the smile on their face of catching their first fish. There’s just nothing like it. It’s a memory they’re not going to forget their whole life. And to be a part of that is so special,” she said with tears in her eyes.

But her business is now closing, although it's not her choice. Pam said after confusion with her lease, the city of San Diego said her monthly payment would either go up to $1,000 a month or she would have to be out in 15 days. That hike is too much for her.

“I’m going to break a lot of people’s hearts, my own included, by having to close up,” she said.

She said she wished the city gave her more notice, adding that she’s closing before the busy summer months when she usually makes the most money.

The end of her business is emotional because of her family’s past as well. Her son, James, initially opened the business 13 years ago. He took his life in 2017 and she took over ownership, so the shop is her connection to him.

“This is all for him. It’s his legacy,” she said, adding that “it’s really the same grief all over again. It’s like losing my son all over again, it really is because this is what he left.”

Despite the sudden ending, she said she’ll find ways to stay positive.

“Life goes on. I’ll be fine. They can’t bring me down. They can break my heart but they can’t bring me down. It’s terrible.”

Her final day in business is May 31. She already purchased her summer supply so she’s hoping to sell as much as she can before shutting her doors for good.