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Ocean Beach eateries say Memorial Day weekend is bolstering business

Posted at 9:10 PM, May 26, 2019
and last updated 2019-05-27 13:21:44-04

SAN DIEGO (KGTV) - Eateries in Ocean Beach say Memorial Day weekend is getting them back on top after a slow winter.

A couple factors in play, nearly back to back storms and the closed pier.

"Our numbers are still way above normal so we'll take it," South Beach Bar & Grille Bartender Philip Cullin said Friday and Saturday were great for business.

Next door at Lighthouse Ice Cream, those sentiments were echoed.

Sunday was a different story, clouds loomed overhead with sprinkles and rain in the evening, dampening the influx of customers.

"It's really cold, there's not that many people out," 14-year-old birthday girl Bella said. She came out with friends and family to celebrate.

Businesses thankful to see those customers, saying it's been tough through the slow winter months.

Inside the bar, Cullin said they saw lots of business Sunday, "it comes in waves, you'll get like a mad lunch rush, everybody bombs in at the same time to get their fish tacos, and then they clear out mid afternoon and your locals come in."

With the pier open, they're seeing even more people, "this area gets way more congested when people are chilling at the pier," Cullin said.

"I found out Thursday night the pier was opening on Friday and I knew I had to get here early and start making waffle cones, it was a busy day for us, we couldn't even find parking in the morning," Lighthouse Ice Cream Manager Robbie Valdivia said.

They're hopeful Memorial Day will bring sunshine and another wave of customers.

"We actually had them for about two weeks now, a lot of tourists here from out of town, out of state, so it's been really really nice," Valdivia said, knowing it's the unofficial start of summer. "It's going to be busy from here on out, there's going to be a line out the door."