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Parents protest Halloween drag show flyer

Posted at 7:36 PM, Oct 11, 2022

(KGTV) — Dozens of parents upset about a flyer that promoted a Halloween event that includes a drag show protested outside the Encinitas Union School District offices Tuesday evening.

Carrie Boller is a mom of two and a community activist who pulled her kids out of the district.

"Our message is very clear. We don't want strip shows, we don't want drag shows, and definitely not sent out inviting the parents and kids in our district," said Boller.

The school district is not hosting or sponsoring the October 29th event in Hillcrest, but a flyer for "Boo Bash" was included on Peachjar. The district says that it's an optional information hub containing community events and opportunities for families in the district. According to the district, all fliers are stamped with the words, "distribution of this flier does not imply endorsement by the Encinitas Union School District, its schools, or staff and is distributed in compliance with federal and state law."

San Diego's Transfamily Support Services is hosting the event. The flyer describes it as " the queerest free Halloween party for kids and families. It includes games, trick or treating, and a family-friendly drag show."

Justin Ried is the parent of two young children in the district. He's also running for school board.

"We certainly want to be an inclusive community and support groups of all kinds, but the question is where do we draw the line? At what point do we think well, maybe drag shows shouldn't be promoted to our kindergarten through 6th families is that something that would be suitable for somebody who is five to ten years old, maybe not. We should know how those decisions are being arrived at," said Ried.

The district says the flyer was taken down three weeks over based on "not meeting district approval criteria. The district has reviewed and adjusted procedures for approving fliers in the future."

Parents want to know why it was removed and who approved it in the first place.

"They work for us, we're the parents and we're their constituents and we're tired of them ignoring us," said Boller.

Boller said parents are demanding an apology and they want the person who approved the flyer to be fired.

Moehlig says the protest is more about politics than protecting children.

"This is about supporting and getting visibility that have an agenda that is based in hate. This is not about students, if it's about students we're going to talk about the inclusivity and a safe learning environment, that's not what they're here to talk about," said Moehlig.

The district sent out a statement that says "it remains steadfast in our commitment to be an inclusive and supportive district for all students regardless of race, ethnicity, linguistic background, economic class, religion, gender, sexual orientation, and physical and cognitive ability. "

The issue was not on Tuesday's agenda.