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Fletcher Cove Beach closed weekdays for sand replenishment

Posted at 5:51 PM, Apr 20, 2021
and last updated 2021-04-20 20:51:17-04

SOLANA BEACH, Calif. (KGTV) - The beach at Fletcher Cove in Solana Beach will be closed during the week until Memorial Day, while a sand replenishment project is underway.

Tuesday morning, the parking lot and access to the beach were closed while dump trucks transported sand from a nearby construction project on South Sierra down to the beach.

Kim Kelly has been running the beaches in Del Mar and Solana Beach for twenty years. She said she's always mindful of the fragile bluffs.

"I really only run the beach on low tide. Of course, when I'm down there, just enjoying the day, I'll stay away from the cliffs for sure," said Kelly.

It's the city's first-ever "Sand Compatibility Opportunistic Use Program" project, which essentially means sand from a nearby development is used at no cost to taxpayers.

"Either they take it to the dump or to another project of theirs, or it's quality sand they can put it on our beaches," said Solana Beach Mayor Lesa Heebner.

During the seven-week project, up to 25,000 cubic yards of high-quality sand will be delivered to Fletcher Cove using dump trucks.

The goal is to preserve the beaches and protect the bluffs from ongoing erosion.

"Instead of armoring with walls, so to say, to armor with extra sand that would prevent the ocean from eroding the cliffs so much that it aids in the continued erosion and collapse of some of those bluffs, so the sand is important to us," said Mayor Heebner.

The beach at Fletcher Cove and the parking lot will be closed on weekdays until 5 pm.

Kelly said the inconvenience is worth it.

"We love our beaches, but it's a weekday closure, so we get the weekends, and we're lucky to live where we do, so that's my theory," said Kelly.

The beach is expected to be back open for Memorial Day.