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Newspaper ad offers solution for shrinking beaches

Posted at 7:46 PM, Aug 20, 2019
and last updated 2019-08-20 23:45:30-04

OCEANSIDE (KGTV) - A full-page ad published in the Sunday Union-Tribune is creating waves in the effort to save San Diego beaches.

Save Oceanside Sand is a North County group who started about three months ago to help protect the beaches in Oceanside after decades of erosion.

Co-founder Dirk Ackema tells 10News, “When that ad came out in the Sunday paper we were so excited, so surprised, so curious.”

We did some digging and found out Christie Walton posted the ad. Not only is she an avid surfer and San Diego resident, she is the daughter-in-law to the founders of Walmart.

Both Walton and Save Oceanside Sand have similar perspectives when it comes to saving the sand. They believe in installing jetties and backfill beaches to protect the sand.

In the ad, Walton talks about the current dredging method as not being a long term solution for San Diego Coast.

The installation of jetties and groins to protect coastlines has been used around the world. Walton even looks to the specific groin used in Hawaii as an option to be used here in San Diego.

Save Oceanside Sand has grown traction throughout the community over the past few months and are looking to expand further now knowing Walton could be a major ally.