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New statewide program aimed at eliminating fossil fuels

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Posted at 4:47 PM, Mar 08, 2022
and last updated 2022-03-08 20:47:30-05

SAN DIEGO, CA (KGTV) — La Mesa resident Dan Guida is taking advantage of the Tech Clean California program. It's a program that was launched in December, and designed to eliminate fossil fuels or natural gas.

"I'll be replacing my hot water heater, and I will be replacing the air conditioning and heater units," said Guida.

"The Tech Clean California program was designed to provide an incentive to home owners to replace their old gas furnaces and their old gas water heaters," said Gabe Carini of Carini Plumbing, Heating and Air.

Carini says there are a number of benefits the program provides.

"On one hand, you are lowering your carbon footprint, you are lowering your gas consumption, and you are also saving a lot of money on your electricity bill," said Carini.

Lowering the gas and electric bill is something that puts a smile on Guida's face.

"My gas bill has skyrocketed the last few months," said Guida.

Now according to Carbon Switch, by switching to a heating pump an average California household saved more than $300 annually in energy costs.

"This program is especially beneficial to you if you have solar. By eliminating the gas, and then by having your solar system create electricity to heat your home and water, you've completely eliminated that part of your bill," said Carini.

The program provides a rebate to any homeowner replacing a gas or old electric system in the home.

"It will give you up to nine thousand dollars back for heating, air conditioning, and water heaters to get replaced," said Carini.

The Tech Clean California program also benefits the environment.

"By eliminating the use of gas in your home, you are also eliminating carbon monoxide production," said Carini.

He said while the program was aimed to run through 2025, once the rebate money is gone the program will come to an end.