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Neighbors react to hostage situation in Tierrasanta neighborhood

Posted at 7:33 PM, Apr 09, 2022
and last updated 2022-04-09 22:33:45-04

TIERRASANTA, Calif. (KGTV) — People in a Tierrasanta neighborhood are in disbelief after a woman was held hostage at gunpoint early Saturday morning.

"We heard sirens coming down the hill," Mike McMahon said. "And then we heard pow, pow, pow, pow, pow maybe five shots.

San Diego Police said they received a call at approximately 12:30 a.m. about someone trying to break into a home in the 4000 block of Rueda Drive. The suspect was unsuccessful and drove away in a stolen white minivan.

About thirty minutes later, while officers were searching the area for the suspect, dispatch received a report about a bald man between 20 and 30-years-old had tried to force his way into a home in the 5300 block of La Cuenta Drive. The suspect fled before officers could arrive at the area.

At approximately 2:00 a.m., police received another report of a suspect who had broken into a home in the 10900 block of Viacha near Tierrasanta Boulevard. The suspect entered the home where a 53-year-old woman and her elderly father were inside at the time.

While the officers were trying to negotiate with the suspect, he shot at least one round inside of the room. A short time later another officer had climbed onto a neighbor’s roof and fired multiple rounds at the suspect through the window. No injuries were reported.

"I was kind of surprised because we don't usually get these things now," McMahon said.

McMahon has lived on Viacha Drive for over 30 years He said there have been incidents of car break-ins in the past.

"We do get little car thefts and things like that, but nothing like this where somebody broke in with a gun," he said.

Police said when officers arrived at the home on Viacha Drive they saw a white minivan in the driveway. The car had previously been reported stolen in a carjacking.

McMahon said he’s going to keep his guard up from now on.

"I think it's a safe neighborhood but I've also asked my friends what's the best pistol to get for home defense," McMahon said.