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Musical duo finds new ways to deliver environmentally themed sounds

Posted at 8:57 PM, Jul 31, 2020
and last updated 2020-07-31 23:57:20-04

ESCONDIDO, CA (KGTV) -- Due to the pandemic, musical groups. both large and small, had to put their concert tours on hold. And that is exactly what happened to a mother and daughter duo from Escondido. Ruth and Emilia have had to find other ways to perform their environmentally themed music.

"It's always entertaining, you never know what is going to happen."

The two have a love for children's music, as their lyrics, and performances always provide a learning experience for their young audience.

"We have two messages in our music," says Ruth. "One is taking care of the environment, and the other is acceptance of others to make the world a better place."

Emilia says one other goal is also to keep the music fun and lively.

"So that it would be something grown-ups don't mind listening to in the car, but also that kids enjoy dancing to."

Prior to the pandemic, Ruth and Emilia planned a summer tour of libraries, children's museums, and kids festivals, but when the Coronavirus hit, those plans changed.

"Our CD release party was canceled because it happened the same day all the stay at home starting taking place."

So the duo has had to adapt, and change the way they could reach their audience.

"We found other outlets, like doing live shows on Facebook and on Instagram. And even seeing if we could expand to people we wouldn't necessarily see on our tour."

However, some good news came from the pandemic, as it brought mother and daughter closer together. Emilia has made her way back to Escondido for the time being, from her home in Los Angeles.

"We don't get to see each other everyday," says Emilia. "Now, Ruth and Emilia as a unit, can flourish some new stuff that we haven't been able to do, but have been wanting to do for a while."