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Military expert, Congressman weigh in on evacuation efforts in Afghanistan

Kabul airport
Posted at 9:56 PM, Aug 22, 2021
and last updated 2021-08-23 03:05:42-04

SAN DIEGO (KGTV) -- "We made a strategic mistake that we are going to pay the price for for a very long time," stated Congressman Darrell Issa.

He along with other local leaders shared their opinions on updated plans as evacuations continue in Afghanistan.

Some local experts believed that the US failed as a supportive nation, while others said it's a lesson to make sure every move we make now is the right one.

Congressman Issa stated while President Biden promised evacuations by the thousands, he said it is not enough.

"The men and women of the Air Force primarily and their C-17's are doing some amazing work packing in and taking in the maximum amount that we can take," he expressed, "But it's chaotic, the people are not vetted, and we are going to take a lot of people out that should not be granted any special asylum in the US. Where we are leaving 37 million people behind without a future."

Congressman Issa said it is very likely that the Taliban could hinder the progress of Americans returning safely, "The Taliban can do whatever they want to do at this point," he stated, "The vast amount of Americans still there are behind enemy lines, so most Americans have to hope that the Taliban lets them through."

Military expert Phil Kendro said in many cases, they are not.

Kendro shared it is more of a reactive situation, "Anybody who is on the ground over there and boots on the ground know you can never trust these folks," he furthered, "Americans are getting their passports pulled, we know there are reports of Taliban beating up Americans, we know of the Taliban burning women, the stories over there are horrific."

However experts said the reality of what is happening in Afghanistan, puts more pressure on the administration to ensure everyone is protected.

"I think now they are putting more force in saying we have 28 thousand people that we got out recently," shared Kendro, "We have a lot more to do."

"We are going to get our Americans out, we will not quit until we get them out," said Congressman Issa, "But we have to remember we failed in our mission not because the men and women right here in Coronado the Navy Seals and the Marines didn't do their job. We won every battle, we won the war, and the politicians have now given away the piece."