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Maui fire victim 'grateful' to everyone's support from San Diego, over the last year

Posted at 5:20 PM, Jun 11, 2024

(KGTV) — There is a hillside right above Lahaina in Maui. It is called the Lahaina bypass. There is a memorial in honor of all the people who died in the fire. There are over 100 crosses representing the victims.

Below the bypass, most of Lahaina is still closed to the public. Debris is still being removed from the town. Local residents and workers are allowed in.

"It was such a large burn on such a large scale. So many houses, structures and culturally sensitive areas. To do it properly, it has taken this amount of time," said Brian Edmisson.

Edmisson and his brother lost their homes in the Lahaina fire last August. He is originally from San Diego. His property was recently cleared out. Edmisson is waiting to get a building permit.

"Once the utilities in our area are fixed like the sewer, electrical and water, then they will give us a permit to build," he said.

It is a positive sign he says after nearly a year of uncertainty. Last year we interviewed Edmisson’s sister Lisa in our ABC 10 News studio. She lives in San Diego.

Spearheaded by his sister, Edmisson’s community where he grew up and even complete strangers have raised over $20,000 for Brian and his family.

"The generosity is similar to here. Ohana is like that in San Diego. It stretched out far and wide. We are so grateful and thankful for that," he said.

Edmisson has two young sons. They are also grateful to San Diegans.

Thank you for all the money. We needed it for food, water and most importantly sleep. I need my sleep. Thank you all the San Diego people," said Edmisson's son Evan.

If you would like to donate to the family click here.