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Local robotics team ranks #1 in international competition

Posted at 6:48 PM, Sep 14, 2020
and last updated 2020-09-15 01:08:02-04

San Diego (KGTV)- A local middle and high school team sweep a popular robotics competition beating out groups from all over the world.

They call themselves “Team Inspiration.” The group of students has been working with robotics for nearly ten years.

The team is comprised of six different schools in San Diego, including: Del Norte High, Scripps Ranch High, Rancho Bernardo High, Westview High, The Cambridge School, and Black Mountain Middle School.

Last month the team competed in the 2020 International RoboSub Competition. Each team had to build an underwater robot.

“The basic tasks include going underwater, seeing and recognizing images underwater, and going to wave points underwater,” says team member Colin Szeto.

This Is the second year the group participated in the competition. Due to COVID-19, the competition was done virtually this time around.

“It was a pretty good equalizer because we all got the same zoom playing field,” says Aditya Mavalankar.

The student updated their robot design from last year and built an additional robot for the competition.

“The idea was that both of them would go in the water together to distribute the tasks so that we could have more of an advantage,” says Ashiria Goel.

The students also built the sensor navigation parts on the devices. It can “basically tell how far it is from other objects,” says Mavalankar. “We have cameras on multiple sides of the robots. We have hydrophones that’’s able to create an acoustic pinger in the pool.”

Team Inspiration took home first place in the overall competition, technical design, and website. The team came in second place in the video presentation category.

Team inspiration is the only middle and high school team to ever win the world title in RoboSub’s 23-year history.