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Local leaders weigh in as tension rise along the Ukraine border

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Posted at 8:16 PM, Feb 11, 2022
and last updated 2022-02-12 02:44:16-05

SAN DIEGO, Calif. (KGTV) — Tensions continue to escalate on the Ukraine border as President Biden sends 3,000 more troops to Poland to help.

The U.S. issued a new warning saying it’s possible that Russia could invade Ukraine during the Olympics.

Congressman Darrell Issa tells 10News he fully expects Marines to be deployed in the weeks to come.

While he didn’t specify if they would be Marines stationed in the San Diego area, 10News has reported that those troops already overseas were deployed from stations located on the east coast.

“What we’re seeing is the typical problem of underrating a real threat and then having to react and play catch up. Right now we’re playing catch up for what President Biden said is a minor incursion," said Rep. Issa.

Representative Issa said at least 10 full divisions of Russian troops are at the border.

U.S. intelligence leaders do not know if or when Russian President Vladimir Putin will give those troops the green light, but they warn it’s possible it could be during the Olympics.

“We are not going to catch up 3,000 troops at a time and that’s a problem," stressed Rep. Issa. “Putin is negotiating to either win by invading or win by not having to invade and that’s really where we are.”

While troops aren’t inside Ukraine because it isn’t a NATO country, veterans like Derek Casady don’t think war is the answer.

“We need to back off,“ he said.

Casady is with Veterans for Peace — a group filled with members who know what war means for those serving.

“To me, strength is talking. Strength is negotiating. Strength is being confident in who we are, but inviting the other side to the table because we know we are strong," he said.

Talking over the phone with Russian President Vladimir Putin is what President Biden plans to do Saturday.