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Local food pantry helping La Mesa-Spring Valley families

Posted at 3:07 PM, May 09, 2020
and last updated 2020-05-09 18:07:32-04

San Diego (KGTV)- An effort that started as a way to offer snacks to kids throughout the school day, has grown to a full pantry for students in the La Mesa-Spring Valley area.

Teacher Monica Muldoon says she started keeping items in her Highlands Elementary classroom for nearly ten years ago.

“I would just bring snacks from my home,” says Muldoon.

As time went on, she realized she realized there was a bigger need. She organized a way for families to take food home during school breaks.

“Monie started this through the kindness of her heart, no knowing what it would grow to,” says partner Mo Gildersleeve. “There was a day she was just telling me about what she does, I said this is incredible I want in.”

The support from local community members has helped “Monie and Mo’s” Food Pantry stay alive.

“In just the last week, we have at least quadrupled our ability to donate to kids in need,” says Gildersleeve.

“My counselor Jessica has been giving out food every week to families that are really struggling,” says Muldoon.

The ladies have not only been able to help families at Highlands Elementary but others in the La Mesa-Spring Valley School District. At next week’s distribution, they are planning to help nearly 30 families.

If you would like to donate or know a family within the La Mesa-Spring Valley area in need, you can contact “Monie and Mo” at