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Local customers finding ways to get money back from Pirch following sudden closure

Posted at 5:43 PM, Apr 10, 2024
and last updated 2024-04-10 20:52:05-04

The Pelletier family had a vision for their kitchen, with brand new countertops, open shelves, and new appliances costing thousands of dollars. But those plans were put on hold because Pirch, a luxury appliance retailer, suddenly closed.

"I always knew they carried high-quality products and that's what we're wanting," says Peter Pelletier.

But while waiting for their delivery date, they began to see what they say were red flags.

“I kept calling for status update from our vendors, and they'd tell me we can't get a status update from our vendors. I thought that was wild, and I thought you've been in business this long and you can't get a hold of your vendors — that made us nervous," says Peter.

Shortly after, they heard news about the company’s temporary closure. At the time, ABC 10News had stopped by the Solana Beach location and found it empty with a note on the door.

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The Pelletiers say they tried to contact Pirch several times before they got an email informing them about the company’s status.

"It really set us back on our kitchen remodel, so we're still washing dishes in the bathroom sink — that kind of thing," says Peter.

Wednesday, ABC 10News stopped by the same Pirch location we previously visited, and everything looking untouched.

I also reached out to the company’s marketing department and got a reply acknowledging receipt of my email.

Peter says they got tired of waiting and reached out to their credit card company to get their money back.

They were successful, and now work will continue in their home after buying pieces from a different vendor.

“The remodel is going to turn out really nice now that we're pack on track. It will have a happy ending," he says.