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San Diego all-girls baseball team headed to Maryland for national tournament

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Posted at 7:04 PM, Jun 29, 2021

SAN DIEGO (KGTV) -- Baseball just isn't for the boys, as many girls also play Little League Baseball.

But now there's a team in San Diego that is all about the girls. They are called the San Diego Mustangs and they are the only all-girls team in town.

"It's just a way to express and show that we can play baseball," says shortstop Izzie Dieter. "We just all feel the same way about baseball."

Mustangs pitcher Ellie Seda calls this opportunity really cool, and it gives her a chance to play the sport she truly loves.

"This is different because I've never been on a team that is all girls, and you get to see how good other girls can be."

This group of 11 and 12-year-olds also play Little League alongside their male teammates. And these girls will be the first to tell you, they definitely hold their own on the baseball diamond.

"I've had some people in past seasons that have doubted me because I'm a girl," says pitcher Payton Atkinson. "It's definitely motivation to prove them wrong."

Second baseman Elsa Becher also plays Little League and says some of the boys seem to get more emotional when something goes wrong.

"Some boys cry when they strikeout, and I haven't seen the girls cry at all yet."

Manager Jim Becher says he is very impressed with the talent and skill level he has seen on the field, but also adds the girls on the team have also been given a stereotype.

"In general, people do say to girls, do you play softball. But honestly, I just counter that with these are all baseball players."

The girls say they have nothing against softball, but they just like baseball better.

"For all the girls that want to play baseball they should definitely do it," says pitcher Isabel Johnson.

One thing that every player on the Mustangs has in common is a dream. They hope to one day play in an all-women's league.

"Me and my fellow teammates have a dream," says Atkinson. "There is an American women's Olympic baseball team, and that is one of our goals.

Other players hope to one day see women playing Major League Baseball in the future. Now as far as the future goes, the Mustangs are heading to Maryland in July to play in the Baseball For All Nationals, which is the largest all-girls baseball tournament in the United States.