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Lilac fire victims worry after FEMA overshared personal information on millions of people

Posted at 6:54 PM, Mar 27, 2019
and last updated 2019-03-28 12:27:55-04

BONSALL, Calif. (KGTV) - Victims of the Lilac Fire are concerned after the Federal Emergency Management Agency overshared personal information on millions of people.

The Office of Inspector General released a report showing FEMA gave 2.3 million hurricane and wildfire victims’ private information like bank account numbers, social security numbers, and home addresses to a contractor.

Peter Andrew lost his home in the Lilac Fire. He’s since rebuilt, but learning the news about FEMA is concerning to him.

“It’s always a concern when information is compromised, but in this case, the contractors went above and beyond, and I’d trust them with that information if it was an accident," said Andrew.

Pat Damon also lost her home in the Lilac Fire. FEMA helped her rebuild, and she says she gave them all of her personal information. She’s worried after hearing they gave out personal information. She says it happens all too often though.

“If someone gets into my bank account and takes my identity, I just don’t know what it would be like to deal with that," said Damon.

We reached out to FEMA to find out how many Lilac Fire victims were involved in the oversharing.