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La Mesa woman hospitalized following protests, family says

Posted at 5:23 PM, Jun 02, 2020

LA MESA, Calif. (KGTV) -- The family of a La Mesa woman says their mother in a medically induced coma after getting shot with a projectile that lodged between her eyes.

Leslie Furcron was among thousands of people protesting Saturday night in front of the La Mesa Police Department. She was recording on Facebook Live. You can hear her yelling, then the phone drops, and the screen goes black.

"She was brutally attacked on a peaceful protest. If I commit a crime. I'm going to jail, no if's and or buts about it," said one of her sons, Ahmed Furcron.

He says bystanders rushed her to the hospital. Her prognosis is unclear, but the family says she may lose an eye.

Attorney Dante Pride is representing the family. Pride and other family members held a news conference outside the La Mesa Police Department Tuesday.

"We are going to get justice. We will not be silenced, everyone who is watching this I want you to call the La Mesa police department and ask them what is that officer's name who decided he could attempt to murder a non-violent protestor?" asked Pride.

Pride says the police department hasn't provided any information about what happened. The family believes she was hit with a rubber bullet or bean bag casing, but they're waiting for the hospital to confirm.

During the news conference, a reporter said they had witness information that Furcron through a bottle, but the family says that is absolutely false.

"I have no evidence that she threw anything, she dropped a can when she got shot," said Pride.

"Even if she did throw a can, does she deserve to get shot in the face, that's all we want to know," said Ahmed.

Pride also points to the La Mesa Police Departments' own training rules, which say bean bag munitions should not be aimed above the waist.

"Why is supposed to be below the waist, a shot above the chest can be fatal," said Pride.

La Mesa Police have refused to talk to the media about the incident.