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Jury deliberations begin in trial of former TikTok star accused of double murder

Posted at 6:11 PM, May 24, 2024

SAN DIEGO [KGTV] — Friday, the prosecution and defense gave closing arguments in the trial of a former TikTok star accused of killing his estranged wife and another man.

The jury has to decide whether Ali Abulaban intended to kill his wife, Ana, and Ray or whether this was a crime of passion.

The prosecution drove home the argument that Abulaban deliberately killed Ana and Ray, the man she was with, at an East Village apartment on October 21, 2021.

The Deputy District Attorney said Abulaban was motivated by jealousy.

Throughout the trial, prosecutors explained that Abulaban bugged the apartment to catch Ana, who he was separated from, with another man.

Prosecutors described to the jury that Abulaban's gun was already loaded and out when he arrived at the apartment after learning she was there with Ray.

"He carefully weighed his options. He thought about death days prior... weeks prior," The prosecutor said. "He decided to kill before he entered that apartment and shot Ana and Ray to death."

Meanwhile, the defense argued that this is a heat of passion crime, not malicious murder.

The defense attorney told jurors that Ana's involvement with Ray provoked Abulaban.

They claimed Abulaban acted under intense emotions of betrayal and anger.

If the jury agrees, it would reduce the murders to lesser charges of manslaughter.

The defense also talked about what they claim was a toxic relationship and that Ana was dishonest about being with Ray.

"We know that Ali was emotionally, mentally, physically compromised," the defense attorney said. "These homicides were simply not first-degree murder. There was no plan. There was no premeditation."

Deliberations also began on Friday. They're expected to resume on Tuesday morning.